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Why is ankle extension called plantar flexion?

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Exercises To Improve Ankle Dorsiflexion - Posture Direct

Dorsiflexion, Plantar Flexion, Inversion, and Eversion

Ankle Range Of Motion And Injuries Correct Footwear Fitting, 46% OFF

Plantar flexion matters, too. Don't get stuck only on ankle rocker/dorsiflexion. — The Gait Guys

Importance of plantar flexion – Proactive Physio Knowledge

Why is the plantar flexion of an ankle joint not called an

Foot Flexion and Extension- How It Is Beneficial?

Ankle/Foot Active Range of Motion

Calculation of plantarflexion moment. Plantarflexion moment during

Ankle and Foot Examination - OSCE Guide

Ankle - Wikipedia

Ankle sprains: what are they and how do you treat them? - Bangalow Physiotherapy

Ankle/Foot Resisted Isometric Testing

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